Charles Kantz
Art Direction & Visual Design


My name is Charles Kantz. I'm an Art Director and Graphic Designer living in San Francisco. In the past I've worked as Art Director at Clearpath, Visual Designer at Intuitive Surgical, Branding and Print Designer as a freelancer, and managed the production design team at Clubcard Printing.


Charles Kantz is an Art Director and Visual Designer. As an Art Director, Charles has a broad range of skills in many aspects of design, including print design, branding, web design, UI/UX design, motion graphics, and photography. He loves to create beautiful and functional visual languages that span across all these mediums, ensuring they feel holistic and refined.

Charles has spent most of his life in the Bay Area, and lived for a few years in the suburbs of Portland. Aside from immersing himself in design and aesthetics you can find him enjoying movies, video games, traveling, board games, and the company of friends.