Intuitive Surgical

I was initially contracted at Intuitive Surgical to assist in the launch of the da Vinci Xi Surgical System. My primary task was to create a proposal for a new brand guidelines, using assets created by the launch effort. The end result was a refined visual guideline that set a high design standard across the company, and I was offered to come on full time.

As a Senior Visual Designer in New Product Development, my primary goal was to design visual assets for the company's latest products. My work included included user interface concepts and final assets, technical publication overhauls, and new visual styles for 3D and motion graphics.

ISI_styleguide_080615-28 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-3 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-23 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-22 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-25 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-24 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-37 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-36 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-35 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-34 copy.jpg
ISI_styleguide_080615-18 copy.jpg
intu_banner_24x6 copy.jpg
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ArmFan copy.jpg
Top_down_si_3000 copy.jpg
552271-01_C Xi Harmonic Ace User Manual Addendum-revised.jpg
552271-01_C Xi Harmonic Ace User Manual Addendum-revised-5 copy.jpg
dvtm_Manual_v34-10 copy.jpg
dvtm_Manual_v34-12 copy.jpg